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Why you should maintain your roof.

Maintaining a roof in the long run will save you money.  Fix a leak before it becomes a bigger problem, ensure that your gutters are clear to prevent blockages that will eventually cause leaks.


Roofs are a major part of a building and some times can be left with out regular maintenance. It is essential for owners to ensure they maintain their roof, with costs being just one of our reasons as to why you should maintain your roof.

1. Increased Durability and Longevity: Regular maintenance helps to identify and address any minor roof issues before they turn into major damage, thus prolonging the life of your roof. The above picture had rotten timbers and had not been painted in a while, we replaced them and painted them with exterior grade paint. Keeping up with regular painting will prolong the life of timbers.

2. Reduced Repair Costs: By identifying and fixing minor roofing problems early on, you can save on expensive repairs in the future. If you noticed that a tile has slipped or lifted from the wind, it’s best to call us to fix it to prevent any water leaks which can become costly.

3. Cleaning gutters: Having debris build up in gutters can lead to leaks, so it’s good to check every 6 months if your gutters are cleared out.

4. Enhanced Safety: A well-maintained roof reduces the risk of accidents and injuries caused by falling roof tiles or other debris.

5. Home Value: A well-maintained roof can increase the overall value of your home. A potential buyer will be more likely to bid higher on a home with a roof that has been regularly maintained than a home with a poorly maintained or damaged roof.

Ridge line repointed to make the roof water tight


In conclusion, regular roof maintenance can ultimately save you money and enhance the overall safety and value of your home. It is important to schedule a professional inspection and maintenance at least twice a year to keep your roof in good shape.

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